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This winter Shanty Creek Resorts will again be offering Dog Sled Rides for Children provided by 'Pets that Pull'. The rides are available every Saturday and Holiday's from 4 to 6 PM.




For years these well behaved Siberian Huskies have waited patiently in the truck while their owners, Mike and Lee King, finished work. (Mike has been a ski and snowboard instructor for over 30 years)


The ride, on an authentic dog sled, is pulled by a three or four dog team. Each ride is about a mile long utilizing the 18th and 10th fairways of the Schuss Mountain Golf Course and are scheduled every 15 minutes between 4 and 6pm on Saturdays during the ski season.


Just a short walk from the Schuss Mountain Front Desk is the groomed track used for the individual dog sled rides for children.